Friday, March 13, 2015

TNA Cancels April Tapings


As much as some might perceive this as doom and gloom, it's probably a smart idea to save up on some money. I'm sure they got enough content from the past few tapings that they can afford to skip a month of tapings. Unless they want to start taping their shows from a pink studio with no people... nobody is going to get that last bit, are they?

Gotta suck for the talent under contract, though; having to wait for the next set of dates that might seem like months away. Wonder if they're allowed to take bookings elsewhere in the interim.

Only saw a couple episodes and it's alright... hell of a lot better wrestling-wise than what they've been putting out a couple years ago, but I'm probably gonna stick with NXT for my 'alternate' wrestling fix; an hour that goes by fast and fresh talent... also LIGHTS.

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