Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RAW (Mar. 10th, 2015): Where The Big Boys Play With Each Other...

A couple thoughts on last night's edition of WWE Monday Nyquil (where the big boys play with each other!)

- For those clamoring for the Divas to get a chance, they got a two-minute match on RAW last night and it was the most underwhelming two minutes ever. Meanwhile, we've had the Bellas cut a promo that made me continue to be as invested in this match as I am in stocks... And then people wonder why we don't give these Divas a chance. My guess is that they should get new women to perform for them; preferably those who have no qualms about not being featured on a rather worthless reality show.

- Every time I show signs of interest in a feud, WWE finds a way of killing it. Case in point, Paul Heyman's reminder that his client, whose name I forget, beat the Undertaker... which served to remind everyone how worthless it is to have an Undertaker match after the fact. Also, it's nice to see Bray Wyatt pleased that his rocking chair got struck by lightning. Suddenly, I'm not reacting anymore.

(Although credit where it's due; I think it's smart of them to keep 'Taker off television until Wrestlemania 31 in order to keep the suspense of Taker's condition. It almost harkens back to Wrestlemania XX when Undertaker was being re-introduced under his original-ish Deadman gimmick in his match, but only debuting at that pay-per-view's main event match. Because Undertaker vs. Kane was the last match on the card, right? There were no others...)

- Randy Orton turns on Seth Rollins because Seth Rollins is stupid... almost as if that ball shot from Jon Stewart got to his brain.

Thank fuck for the WWE Network. That is all.

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