Monday, March 9, 2015

Del Rio Tore Quad. Nash Is Pissed.

Alberto El Rio Del Patron tore his quad at a show. According to dubious sources, word of this reached Kevin Nash, who was seemingly irate that this "Mexican midget" was stilling his online gimmick. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed when he took solace in the fact that nobody would care about this in the long run.

"When I tore my quad twenty years ago, people made a joke out of it," Nash had allegedly said, "And you internet geeks and marks got lots of mileage out of that. But when this Alberto Del Kabong or whatever his face is tears his quad, how many people are going to give a shit? The business is ruined, boys."

Shortly after this supposed interview was (never) conducted, Nash tore his quad... again.

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