Monday, March 2, 2015


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Friday night at Madison Square Garden was Hulk Hogan Appreciation night at a WWE Live Event (tm), as a bunch of people celebrated the life and career of one Hulk Hogan. As a token of appreciation and as a sign of how much Hulk Hogan meant to New York, a banner adorning his name was hung high in the rafters, among the banners of past New York champions. It was a momentous occasion for Hogan and his Hulkamaniacs; a telling sign that Hulkamania was truly and forever immortal and would live on until the end of time.

However, this past Saturday, during a NBA game that saw the New York Knicks trounce the Toronto Raptors in a rather tight game - or so I was told - some fans have noted that the prestigious banner and undeniable proof of Hulk Hogan's immortality and "GOAT" status (groan) was nowhere to be found. One has to wonder if the banner would ever see the light of day beyond the occasional WWE telecast from New York. One has to wonder if the banner is still in one piece.

With no other details at hand, it is safe to assume that on that fateful Friday night, Hulk Hogan left his creative control card at home.

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