Monday, February 2, 2015

Jason Douchebag Frank Strikes Again...

A twit from Jason Douchebag Frank regarding the Rick Medina thing (see earlier post);

Come on man you have to straighten up this is bad for the Power Ranger franchise. JDF

Someone has died... for real... not fantasy, not tv... someone has lost their life... and all you can think about is the franchise... what a classless act from a grade-a douchbag.

And then, in a pitiful attempt at damage control, you post the following on your Facebook;

ATTN: To all the people who are saying " Bad for the Brand" has NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY!!! I said bad for the brand meaning KIDS..... One ranger Falls we all do.. Ive worked to hard to be a ranger and be a Positive role model!! Its NOT bout me it about being a super Hero.. Im sorry Self defense?? If I had to protect myself it would of been a fist NOT a sword.. Unless the guy had a Gun or a weapon.. I can't say what happen but I will say this... GROW up and get off my page... Just not gonna sit back and waste my time with Keyboard warriors!!!

If this is not about you, then why are you MAKING IT ABOUT YOU, YOU WORTHLESS SACK OF SHIT? There are other Ranger actors who have chimed in - either taking either a neutral stance or showing their support - but never making it about them? Because it isn't about THEM. It isn't about the BRAND. And it sure as hell isn't about YOU.

Grow up? You're telling the mature folks out there to grow up? You? You, who like to issue worthless challenges to people who wouldn't give two shits about your overblown and overexaggerated Z-grade cult status? You, who hold grudges with a former castmate who has publicly said he had no beef with you? You, who once had a role in a MTV program about college kids having sex in their dorm room... and that was before you got brought back for Dino Thunder. You want to talk about being a role model? A role model that tells kids that martial arts is not about looking for fights and then you go ahead and do just that?

If that's your idea of a role model, then Skylar Deleon was a former Power Ranger.

Unlike the mindless braindead followers that shower you with endless praise on your equally worthless Facebook page and elsewhere, I'm not drinking the JDF Kool-Aid. I can separate the man from the character he used to play; something you seem to have great difficulty in doing. Your attitudes and your words bring shame to the franchise you claim to represent. You are a cancer to that brand. I believed this last year... maybe a little further than that... but after this, whatever sliver of respect that I might have had for what you've done in the franchise - and believe me, that much is a stretch - you've pretty much killed that.

You are not a role model, Mr. Frank. You, sir, are a douchebag and an outright fraud.


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