Monday, January 26, 2015

WWE Raw Tapings Cancelled Due To Storm


Tonight's WWE RAW taping from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut has been cancelled due to Winter Storm Juno. Some folks noticed the WWE crew packing up the trucks and as such, no live show to take place. The Smackdown tapings for tomorrow might also be affected. One has to wonder what WWE will air in its place... maybe they can re-air the Royal Fumble on free TV, but edited so that fans react positively to their chosen champion... worth a shot, I guess.

Still, good move on WWE's part for their proactive thinking. Setting aside the recent controversy over their Royal Fumble showing, they avoided a potential disaster of a RAW taping going horribly wrong due to a possible power outage or other possible setback as a result of this storm. I suppose, if nothing else, it gives the hapless Twitterers something to add to their #CancelWWENetwork Twits that continues to be a major trend.

Remember the days when the most efficient means of display fan discontent was littering the ring with trash? Those were the days.

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