Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Final Fantasy VII Coming To PS4... Exactly As Advertised

So... I'm late to the party, but I suppose I could toss in my two cents on the matter...

SquareEnix announced Final Fantasy VII would be making its way over PS4. Almost immediately, people were thinking REMAKE. Then the trailer hit... it's just the PC port of the game with upscaled graphics; the same version of the game that you could get on Steam for PC. And then the internet, in predictable fashion, lost their shit.

So... I'm wondering. Where did this idea come from that SquareEnix announced a remake for PS4?

All they did was say that Final Fantasy VII was coming to PS4. That's it. That's all. They didn't say it was a remake. They didn't say it was a reimagining. They merely said that Final Fantasy VII was coming to PS4... and that's what they showed. Final Fantasy VII due for release on PS4. So why is everyone flipping out that SquareEnix trolled them into thinking it was going to be a remake when they made NO clear indication that it was going to be remake?

Now, look. I get it. You envisioned a version of this thing with a spiffy new coat of paint and every time the subject had been broached, SquareEnix has been iffy on the subject and that has caused speculation as to whether it's happening or not happening. And you remain ever so hopeful that such a project would come to fruition and it would be the greatest thing ever. And you had hope that this vague announcement of this beloved game coming to a new platform would be the remake you've been clamoring for... and it's just a re-release of a slightly spiffier PC port with fewer load times.

I read the headline; Final Fantasy VII coming to PS4. I figured "Oh, they're going to release the PS1 version, even though they could've done the PC version with its slightly better visuals." I wasn't thinking remake. God, if they announced a remake and they showed it off, I would've known about this the minute the news broke out because then nobody would shut up about it. Hell, if there was a remake, we would've heard SOMETHING besides evasive responses and other generic "no comment" comments. I highly doubt something that is a big deal would be kept in the dark for very long.

And if this was a troll tactic by Square, if this was intended to incite a violent reaction from the fanbase, if you were one of those people who bought into the made-up hype and were outraged, then you've no one to blame but yourselves because you bought hook, line, and sinker. If that was a troll tactic by Square, then you gave them exactly what they want. That swift kick to the balls that shattered the dreams of fanatics. And despite protests and outrages and boycotts to not buy this version, chances are pretty good that you're still going to buy it when it comes out. Maybe not all of you... but most of you complaining, there's a better chance of you boycotting now and then buying it later than there is of SquareEnix of ever putting in considerable effort in putting together a remake...

...which is probably for the best because I don't believe the current Square team is capable of doing justice to such a project. If anything, it'll be probably a re-release of Final Fantasy XIII reskinned and repackaged with Final Fantasy VII. They'll probably even change the main character from Cloud to Lightning and possibly mess up the story so that Aeris shoots first... but then again, I stopped caring about Final Fantasy after number 6. So to me, it doesn't matter, but it does bring to mind a line that a former acquaintance of mine used to say; "I'd rather that they focus on making a good NEW Final Fantasy before they start fucking up their old ones."

So yeah... Square said they're bringing Final Fantasy VII to PS4... and that's exactly what they showed on screen... and people lost their shit because Square delivered exactly what they advertised instead of what they were hoping for... I didn't see it as a troll tactic.

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