Monday, December 15, 2014

5 Days Of Shitsmas... Living Up To The Label

For anyone who cares about my thoughts on the "12 Days Of Shitsmas" AVGN marathon... the name is indeed appropriate.

Day 1: Tagin' Dragon
Not much to say about this one; typical Nerd thing.

Day 2: ALF (Master System)
I'm assuming Mike Matei wrote the script for this one because this has his trademark puppet sex fetish obsession all over this one. Terrible episode.

Day 3: Crazybus (Genesis)
Like I said in the video, it's a fucking tech demo.

Day 4: Ren & Stimpy: Fire Dogs (SNES)
This one's alright. Not quite funny, but there's enough here that it could pass for a review... somewhat.

Day 5: Rocky & Bullwinkle (NES)
Terrible, predictable, unfunny, the epitome of non-medy, felt like I was watching an old NC17Productions video rather than a Nerd video... although given the quality of the substance, the two are practically interchangeable.

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