Monday, November 24, 2014

Past Musings On Super Legendary Farce

Although I've not made much noise about this on the blog or any of the video sites, if you've been a listener of the DTM-Cast audio project since its inception... well, first off, my condolences. But you might also recall somewhat that I'd sometimes dwell into the "highly anticipated" and "epic" and whatever ballyhoo you want to toss regarding the Legendary War that was the whole selling point of Super Megaforce. And, well, I'll be sharing my thoughts on that, as well as Super Megaforce on the next DTM-Cast, due next Monday. However, since I don't have a written document of my past thoughts on this overhyped sensation, I've decided to go back to my various scribblings/notes and repost a couple blurbs here, just to give some semblance of context.

From the June 16, 2013 edition of the DTM-Cast (Episode 5):

Should I bring up my thoughts on the Legends War thing that they're prepping with next year's Power Rangers Super Megaforce thing? Because they got ten old faces coming back... none of them are the originals. Only one is from the Disney era. And... quite honestly, to tell you the truth, I'm nowhere near as disappointed nor am I expecting to be disappointed if this thing turns out to be a dud because... I knew that there was no way that they were going to make this as big as a deal as most fans thought... My surprise is that they even bothered with the Legends War because they could have skipped it entirely and I'm of the opinion that they probably should have. Because there was no way Saban could have done in Super Megaforce what Gokaiger did any semblance of justice. Not to mention all of that is in 2014, long after any anniversary milestone has come and gone and would have meant absolutely fuck all... unless the Legends thing is how they're ending regular Megaforce... or something, I don't know... personally, I don't care 'cuz I'm not getting Megaforce until it hits Netflix and that's usually when the show's over... so...

I mean, really... Forever Red had 10 Red Rangers getting together, people were expecting something epic and they got what was ostensibly a twenty-minute promo for a Wild Force Rider toy and a love-in for overrated Tommy. But it was still pretty fun to see these guys in action and it was a rare team-up of its kind. Once A Ranger was a 2-part misfire that had the misfortune of being stuck in Operation Overdrive, a season of Power Rangers that I really think is fucking horrible across the border... but on the other hand, that 2-parter progressed the story onward... that's fucking faint praise... so now we have this Legends War which is something that's being built up and built up to be a supposedly big deal when the sane know better. But then again, those so-called sane people will turn around and think that that MMPR film thing is what the franchise really needed.

From the Gauntlet IV review posted in December 2013:

The word "epic" is defined as being a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the past history of a nation. It could also be defined as an exceptionally long and arduous task or refer to something heroic or grand in scale or character. When something is epic, there's a bit of weight and a bit of scope behind the word. It's a big word to toss around. And unfortunately, in the modern era, the word "epic" has been tossed around so many times and without any semblance of context that the word has all but lost any and all meaning. There are very few things in the world today that can truly be considered epic. The Divine Comedy is an epic, Oceans are epic, great heroic tales of long voyages are epic, the Universe is epic. Pulling off a 1000-hit combo in the latest Street Fighter IV upgrade is NOT epic. A "so-called" Legendary battle comprising ten returning former Power Rangers backed by about a hundred or so Japanese stuntmen is NOT epic. And oh yeah... that Top 20 Epic Nerd Moments video? None of them are epic... mind you, there's a couple moments that could be considered what one would call "Epic Fails...." but even then, none of them are epic. Very few things could be considered epic in the purest sense of the word... but in rare cases, you'll come across something that comes pretty damn close... or at the very least, does an exceptionally good job of faking it.

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