Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Bidding War Over Brock Lesnar? WWE Should Save Their Money...

From this page:

The post above talks about the bidding war over Brock Lesnar's services and the heading of this blog post clearly spells out my opinion on the matter. Once Brock drops the strap at 'Mania 31, exactly what is WWE hoping to accomplish by dragging him out for another year's worth of non-appearances? I'm wondering how Brock's non-appearances as WWE champion is working out, because the subscriber count on the WWE Network didn't see a sizable increase. They're spending a ton of money on this guy and he's not even worth it.

The Brock Lesnar shine has long since dulled. Let him do his remaining appearances and then let him sign with someone else for a change and get crippled there or something. Because I doubt there's going to be a special "Don't hit Brock in the bowels" ruling when he returns to MMA.

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