Tuesday, October 28, 2014

YES! X-Wing And The Almighty TIE FIGHTER Available On GOG.com!

So, X-Wing and TIE Fighter have finally made their way to GOG.com. And even better, they come in both vintage DOS versions and upgraded Windows versions. Not much else to say except...

Hell frickin' yes.

For those wondering, the vintage DOS versions are the original floppy versions with expansions and not the original CD-ROM Collector's Editions that had slightly more content and slightly better graphics. If you want that stuff, you have to go for the Windows versions, which require a controller to play and ditches the amazing iMuse music of the DOS version for the generic John Williams soundtrack. A bit of a pity, but not a total loss. And at the very least, they work.

So I say again... Hell frickin' yes.

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