Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Hug

Wrestlecrap got around to finally inducting "the hug" that burned away money. And yes, years later, they're still miffed by that. Gee, guys, it's been twelve years. Did you really want another failed Invasion angle?

Fun Fact: The first time Eric Bischoff walked onto a WWE stage, he actually came out to "Back In Black" by AC/DC. Of course, any replays of this bit will have his eventual crappier WWE theme dubbed over. Yeah, you know an entrance theme is bad when it makes you miss the guy's old WCW theme, which was basically a generic guitar riff.

Less than Fun fact: I actually missed out on an earlier chunk of this RAW, which included the very first appearance of Easy E on WWE television. So the shock, as it were, of seeing the former head of WCW appear on a RAW set and hug McMahon was deservedly there. Not necessarily because of seeing Bischoff on stage, although that alone was unexpected... but because he dyed his hair again, despite appearing on WCW a year earlier with his natural gray hair.

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