Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lesnar's Future After Cena (SPOILERS)

Spoilers and stuff after the break...

According to this article, apparently Big Show is the next stiff lined up for Brock Lesnar after he gives John Cena fifty more sleep-inducing German Suplexes due to the apparent lack of top-level talent. Some folks might recall that the last time Brock Lesnar and Big Show had a match, it was back in this year's Royal Rumble event and it was a total squashing of the Big Show.

And thus, if this were to come to fruition, all my fears of Brock Lesnar as WWE Champion meaning a series of boring main event matches as a result of being pitted against all the big plodders may very well be justified. In fairness, I can kinda, sorta understand the mentality; not enough "big stars" to challenge "The Bore" or something, but... man, this is going to be a long stretch, isn't it?

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