Saturday, August 2, 2014

Way To Promote That Summerslam Main Event

From Dave Meltzer,, and stolen from Scott's Blog Of Doom:

Two Stars Not Expected to be at RAW This Coming Monday: Brock Lesnar and John Cena are not expected on the next episode of RAW.

Way to promote that hot Summerslam main event, boys, by not having either one of your participants show up for RAW to push the show! Absolutely brilliant. You know, John Cena used to rail on the Rock for not showing up to WWE events despite not having reason to do so beyond the Wrestlemania payday he didn't deserve... and yet here's John Cena taking a week off to do fuck all... and he's the one who's defending the title for a big PPV.

That just leaves us more room for Paul Heyman to re-iterate his tired rhetoric (not shitting on Heyman here, who's brilliant as always, but there's only some much you can do before that schtick gets tired) and also more room for that "compelling" Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon drama that is "awesome" and so "exciting".

The last time I felt the same level of "excitement" and "awesome" as I do with this Brie/Steph storyline was back in 1999 when Jake "The Snake" Roberts was drunk out of his mind and waving around a snake like a surrogate penis at an independent PPV. But then again, I'd probably have to be drunk out of my mind to enjoy this tripe. I'll tell you what; if they present this in a way that's interesting - presumably by having Brie take acting lessons and looking for other insults besides "female dog" to shoot at Stephanie; I would suggest "Roided Horseface" or "Macho Sperm Rag" - then I will proceed to praise this like the second coming of Austin Vs. McMahon...

On second thought... maybe not. That's too high for these chuckleheads to achieve.

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