Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jason Douchebag Frank At It Again... #JDFisCancer

Not dignifying this with the usual PR tag, especially in regards to the cancer known as Jason Douchebag Frank. In any case, here's a recent (now deleted) Facebook comment he posted regarding Austin St. John and a video showing of one his site admins some self-defense moves.

What Jason Dumb Fuck here is referring to is a ten-second snippet of video in which Austin St. John was showing some self-defense techniques to one of his admins, but my understanding is that the clip was taken out of context to make him look good ('cuz he's keepin' it real, yo), rather than show the whole video about of his detailing on what a dirty fighter would do. You know, someone who just wants to beat people up without any regard for things like honor or the martial arts or anything of the sort.

Here's the entire video in question, posted last month, in which he demonstrates to one of the admins of his FB fanpage, that, if you have long hair, there are some ways, with proper training, that you can get out of it.

You want to talk about people who haven't changed, Judas Frank? How about you look in the mirror and see yourself for the egomanicial douchebag that you truly are, the kind of person who will take anything someone says out of context and twist it so that you can make them look bad, all under the pretense of a true martial artist. Stop using Jesus as a shield to continue your blasphemous actions and be a real man. Move on with your life. Do better things. Be better. Take the high road for once in your miserably pitiful life. Clearly, he has. As did your other castmates. Why can't you?

To quote a character you once played, sir, NOT EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE REVOLVES AROUND YOU.

So you like hashtags? Here's a hashtag for you, one that I'm sticking with for as long as you continue your path of lies and deception; #JDFisCancer

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