Saturday, July 12, 2014

Not All Of Roddenberry's Ideas Were Good... Star Trek & JFK

A link to an blog posting about Gene Roddenberry's proposal for a Star Trek movie where Klingons prevent the assassination of JFK and that somehow messes up the timeline. A movie proposal so reviled by Paramount that it was rejected every time Roddenberry tried to submit it for a Star Trek sequel. In fact, I can recall what William Shatner once noted in his book Star Trek Movie Memories, that when Roddenberry got wind that Star Trek IV was going to involve time-travel, Gene applauded the idea, but suggested that his JFK story would be better than what they had.

And after reading the premise for said treatment, I guess I should happy we got the movies that we did because this would have been terrible, especially the bit where one of the Enterprise crew would be involved in enacting a real life assassination of a beloved leader (supposedly) in order to restore the timeline. If The Motion Picture nearly curtailed Star Trek's return to form as some would believe, no doubt this idea of Kirk meeting JFK would've been the death knell for Trek and it'd have no chance of continuing onwards to fifty years worth spin-off series, sequels, and whatnots that the closed-minded Trekkies would believed was TEH RUINZED FOREVAH! by the reboot Trek series.

That having been said, it somewhat surprises me that Roddenberry didn't try and turn this into a TNG episode or something. Replace Klingons with Ferengi or something... nah, it still would've sucked.

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