Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No More Shield.

Here's the important bits of RAW; Bootista quits (again), Daniel Bryan to defend title against Kane at MiTB PPV event or else the title is up for grabs in the gimmick match, why does the other Bella Twin still have a job, and Seth Rollins goes bad because McSonInLaw had a Plan B that was pulled out of his ass. Sure, why not?

On the bright side, there is some semblance of logical progression here and the Rollins turn is actually intriguing, especially since it comes off one day after the Shield's clean sweep over Evolution. And what's more is that, if they play their cards right, there's actually logic behind this move; Rollins being the guy who does the high-risk antics and then being offered an easier life could be the big influence here. I could go into a spiel of how there's a potential for the creative monkeys to screw this up - and make no mistake, such a possibility exists - but so far, this particular storyline is coming along nicely.

More of this, please.

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