Monday, June 23, 2014

For The Doom And Gloom Individuals Who Claim DixieLand Is On Its Last Legs...

I find it absolutely amazing that there has been more postings regarding a wrestling promotion I don't follow much beyond online clips and recaps in recent weeks. My god, what is the world coming to?

Anyway, I refer to this article of someone claiming, yet again, that TNA is on its last legs... quite possibly due to the switchover to six-sides that is going to happen whether you want it or not, and as such making the fan voting thing seem completely and utterly worthless (then again, when have such things not been that?) and making the various complaints of Aries and Batesman seem completely whiny in comparison, even if such things were done to make people give a damn about their product.

Now, here's the deal; at the moment, I don't watch TNA. I've given TNA several tries over the course of the past several years and, for the most part, my interest had waned considerably quickly, partly due to my not liking or caring about what they were presenting. And there were times when I've been high on TNA and there were some shows of theirs that I saw and enjoyed (even during the early days of weekly PPVs), but for the most part, I've been relatively indifferent towards the company. So if anyone wanted my five-cents on the matter whether they should go back to six-sides or stay with the traditional four-sides, I can only sum up my thoughts on the matter in five words; I don't care, either way.

I don't care, not just because I don't think the current product that they've got going right now interests me regardless of whether , but all this talk about giving the fans a say as to how the product is presented is irrelevant. Very rarely, if ever, is anything in wrestling done by committee. The Daniel Bryan thing is one of the few instances where fans vehemehently influence the direction of the WWE narrative, but in most cases, the decision as to where the product will go is already made long before the vote is done. So people could argue about the semantics of giving the fans the power to vote for how many sides a ring is going to have, but my stance is that power, much like wrestling in general, is pretty fake. Rest assured that if TNA announces the winning vote, it's the one they planned on going with long before there was a vote.

So given all that, you'd think that I would be one of the many individuals who will be tossing cash into the proverbial betting pool predicting TNA's eventual demise, but I'm not. If anything, the only real compliment I've given to TNA is that they're still around. They're not getting bigger or better, but they're still there. And given the low expectations everyone had of them throughout the twelve years they've been around, it's commendable that they're still around.

And as long as they have that TV deal, they're still going to be around. If TNA loses that TV deal with Spike and is unable to procure another one, then you could start hedging your bets on the eventual demise and acquisition by WWE.

But until then... EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Yeah, well, it's official. Please pretend you're proud that you actually had some semblance of influence.

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