Thursday, June 19, 2014

Can We Vote For A 3-Sided Ring? That'll Be New...

Interesting bit of business. According to this article, TNA is holding a vote among fans as to whether they should stick with their traditional four-sided ring or bring back their old six-sided ring that they used to have back in the late-2000s. This has earned the ire of Austin Aries and the former Derrick Bateman, who believe fans shouldn't have voting power over the wrestling product... which probably meant they weren't fans of the Cyber Sunday concepts that WWE used to do.

Look, you could argue over the semantics of bringing back the six-sided ring, whether it'd be worth it to inconvenience a few folks so that they could bring back something that people would identify as a TNA trademark. And you could argue over whether giving the fans - the people who pay for the privilege to watch other folks risk their well-being to do the jobs that earns them the livelihood they themselves are privileged to have - some semblance of control is a good idea. And mind you, there is no indication that this is going to mean anything. It's wrestling, after all. And wrestling rarely goes through anything unplanned... rarely.

The question shouldn't be "Should the fans have control?" but rather "Do the fans even care enough to exert that option?" And perhaps more to the point, does it even matter? Because contrary to what Aries and EC3 will have you believe, you DO have some semblance of control over the product... it's called Voting With Your Wallet.

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