Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Random Thoughts On... WCW's Big Bang

Some of you folks might have already seen this, since it's been floating around for years, but this is the poster for what would've been the first WCW PPV event under the Fusient Media buyout had that not fallen through. For those who don't know, before Vince bought WCW in 2001, the other major player who came close to buying it before backing off was Fusient Media Ventures, a group of investors headed by Eric Bischoff. The deal between Fusient and TimeWarner was actually close to completion and had to go through due dilligence before being finalized and made official, but when TNT head Jamie Kellner shitcanned all wrestling programming from the Turner networks, Fusient backed off and Vince soon bought it for dirt cheap.

Considering how the fallout of WCW being acquired by WWFE and how the latter subsequently blew the biggest potential feud in the history of the business, I often wondered how things would have turned out if Bischoff got his way and the Fusient deal was a success. How would Eric had handled the rebirth of WCW if he had gotten his mitts on it? Would he have had better success with it than Vince did? Or would it be doomed to fail?

Something worth thinking about, I suppose...

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