Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Random Thoughts On... That Morphin Life Thing

You know, for a show about morphin, there sure isn't a lot of it.

For some reason, I felt "compelled" (or rather, had nothing better to do) to check out JDF's YouTube series that has him skydiving, doing the con thing, and the drama over his wife's Muay Thai adventure... and I'm just "meh." I suppose it's nice to know there's a tender side to JDF when he isn't being a public douchebag and a cancer to Power Rangers and I suppose the show is good enough to appease both his supporters and the drones drinking the JDF Kool-Aid, but I got bored with this one pretty quickly. Nothing interesting, nothing worthwhile, nothing that can't get out of some other reality-based documentary series with more appealing subject matter.

JDF fans might take a liking to it, but I'm gotta give the thumbs down on this one.

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