Friday, May 23, 2014

OWEN HART vs. Ken Shamrock (Dungeon Match, Fully Loaded '98)

Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock Dungeon Match by sir-roddick

Out of all the matches, this was probably one of my favorite Owen matches, if not because of the sheer absurdity of two guys wrestling in the famed Hart family dungeon (hence the name, Dungeon Match) and Owen hitting the dumbbell with a dumbbell to win the match. Certainly the kind of thing that would fit Owen's goofball nature.

It's almost difficult to believe it's been fifteen years since I was watching the PPV in 1999 when the news broke about his death. And it's almost difficult to imagine the kind of turmoil, controversy, and headaches that would result from this, almost pushing aside the fact that a life was needlessly loss.

Godspeed, Owen.

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