Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gamestop To Increase Focus On Phones And Tablets Instead Of Video Games

From the 2003 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live-action series,
our heroines play on their magical smartphone things.

(2017 Update: This was a video post that is no longer available. Instead, here's the text blurb of something that was brought up on a prior episode of the DTM-Cast that was relevant at the time. It's been somewhat tweaked for the written format, but just remember this was intended for audio and as such, some formatting and typos may exist.)

Popular US video game retailer GameStop has announced that it plans to increase its focus on both smartphones and tablets, rather than video games. GameStop CEO Paul Raines calls the bold new move GameStop 3.0. Raines says the company will close around 2% of its current retail stores. GameStop will be opening Spring Mobile and Simply Mac stores instead. Spring Mobile will cover AT&T-branded phones and Simply Mac covers Apple products. They will open over 200 Spring Mobile stores and 20 Simply Mac stores... and only 20 Mac stores because there's already something called Apple Stores that covers that base just fine.

So my thoughts on this matter of utter importance and magnitude? I don't care.

Way to build up the moment for a response like that, but the truth is I honestly don't care what happens to Gamestop. Fact is I haven't bought anything from a Gamestop - or rather, they call it EB Games up here in Canada - but I haven't bought anything from a Gamestop in a year or so? The last major purchase I can remember making there was WWE '13 when it launched.

And that's it. I might have made a couple more minor pick-ups like battery charges or Steam cards or something, but other than that, my only real gaming purchases are usually from the flea market, the occasional trip to the Value Village thrift store, or Best Buy. And if I'm really, REALLY desperate, I will usually dabble online as a last resort.

So personally speaking, I honestly do not give a rat's ass whether they decide to go from Gamestop to Tabletstop or MacStop or Pitstop or BathroomBreakStop. Doesn't really affect me in the slightest because right now, they're not carrying anything that I'd want. (2017 Edit: A statement that is even more true nowadays, what with half the store space dedicated to collectibles and those stupid Funko Pop things.) I don't have any of the current gen or next gen consoles, so that doesn't concern me. I've got an original Wii, but their selection of games is rather shit. They're not carrying any stock for the older consoles; not even PS2 or Xbox Original or anything of the sort... so, if that's the direction they want to go, then whatever. It's their brand, their company, they could do whatever they want. I've got alternatives. I'm not going to shed a tear if they go away.

That having been said, I have to question their decision in going from Video Games To Tablets And Phones and things of that nature. I have to question whether that's really a good idea to jump into a market that, let's be honest, everyone's doing it. Apple Stores, Best Buy Mobile, Amazon, The Zoo. They already got that market covered and happily done. And yeah, I understand that sooner or later, gaming-dedicated machines will be a thing of the past and we'll be able to game on any conceivable electronic device from tablets and phones to televisions to video receivers and cable boxes to wristwatches and alarm clocks. It is going to happen, you can't ignore it.

However, at the moment, gaming-dedicated machines - and I'm talking the consoles and handhelds - they're still selling reasonably well, there's still an interest in that sort of thing, and Gamestop, for better or worse, has that corner of the market covered. And they want to give that up to go into a market that is already inhabited by several other entities? Especially since, from my perspective at least, when people go to a Gamestop - or rather, IF they go to a Gamestop, because more often than not, unless it's the EB Games in downtown Montreal, NOBODY is going to these things around my neck of the woods - they're not checking the feeble selection of tablets and mobile phones they have on display; they're checking out the, you know, GAMES. After all, they are called GAME-Stop, right? Right?

Maybe there's a bigger picture missing that we don't know about. Maybe the Gamestop monkeys know something we don't. Maybe they're doing this to jump ahead and be a little more proactive or something. Maybe the Gamestop monkeys enjoys all the negative press from all the stupid stuff that they pull and this is just the latest stunt to try and get that attention and spotlight focused on them... or maybe... just maybe... we don't care either way.

Well, I don't care; I don't know about you, but... yeah, that'll be interesting, either way. I suppose... 

Oh, by the way, how's MovieStop doing these days? Is that any good? Does anybody know about MovieStop? Has anyone ever heard of MovieStop? Anyone...? Any takers...? Hello...?

Hmm... I guess not.

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