Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The YES! Stall...

I suppose we should be happy that Daniel Bryan Danielson is champion at all, but I'm sort of getting vibes of that one guy's one-year title reign that ended up being an afterthought compared to whatever stupid shit John Cena is doing or whatever stupid shit HHH is doing. Hey, I'm glad the Shield is getting a chance to shine with the big boys, but I just wished they spent as much effort pushing their WORLD FUCKING CHAMPION as they did... well, anything else they think is worth a damn.

There's a fairly good chance that come Summerslam or whatever, Brock Lesnar is most likely getting his go around with the belts. And at the rate they're booking their champion to look like a goof, it's more than likely the match, much like the "shocking" match with Undertaker, is going to blow chunks. Why not give Bryan the same kind of title reign that Bret Hart got before he became a bitter whiner? You know, the kind where he would defend his titles against all comers, show off his stuff, and at the very least, keep the people still on board happy? It'll at least give Bryan something to do and perhaps give him a bit more credibility in that eventual showdown with Lesnar.

I don't know... just a thought.

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