Friday, February 14, 2014

BOOK REVIEW - WWE's Big Apple Takedown

Torrie Wilson wields a gun... or two... or three.
Why would anyone read this in public again?

After much hesitation and consternation due to the reading of many reviews and other elements too embarrassing to mention, I relented and picked up Big Apple Takedown about a week ago. For those who don't know about the book, it's the recent WWE novel that features select WWE superstars being drafted and trained by the government to form a black-ops group, charged with the mission of taking down a drug ring in New York... all before the big show in Madison Square Garden. I swear to God, if it were possible to make this up...

Make no mistake about it. The plot is downright stupid, the cover (featuring a leather-clad Torrie Wilson with a gun and a silly smile) is embarrassing, and some of the dialogue and situations are so unbelievable that it's simply awesome... What? You expected me to say it's a bad book? Okay, fine. This is a bad book, but it's because of its badness that it's garnered somewhat of a favorable reputation (from what I've read anyway). The minute you hear "WWE wrestlers as spies" as a focal point in the story, you know suspension of disbelief is not only necessary, but it's mandatory. This isn't high art; it's pure camp. If you treat it as such, you'll get a kick out of it.

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