Monday, January 27, 2014

Royal Rumble Thoughts

Was going to talk about this a bit in the upcoming DTM-Cast, but I suppose a couple folks might be interested in my thoughts about last night's show, so here's my written thoughts.

I'm not really gonna go into too much detail or statistics, but I just wanted to run down my general thoughts on that PPV... which wasn't a very good one by any means, but was enhanced by a crowd that really didn't like the show and made it known. Look, any PPV that has Mick Foley disgusted enough to bitch about it on Twitter and Facebook, it has to mean something, right?

New Age Outlaws defeated Goldust and Cody Rhodes in the pre-show match to win the Tag Titles... didn't see the match, so I can't really comment. All I'm gonna ask is when can I expect X-Pac to come in and win the US title from Dean Ambrose... because you know it's gonna happen.

Bray Wyatt beats Daniel Bryan in a nice solid opener. Crowd was a bit deflated that Bryan didn't win, but at the very least, it was a solid match, good back-and-forth action, kept me awake, can't complain. Of course, the bad news was that I had no other reason to watch the rest of the show because I already had my reason for watching. It was a one-match show, especially since the rest of the card had obviously transparent intentions and outcomes.

Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show in a quick match and spent more time smashing Big Show with a chair. I don't give a shit... I wonder if the chair is iron clad. Har. Har.

Randy Orton defeated John Cena to retain the WWE World Title in a match that was pedestrian, boring, and only enhanced by the crowd that decided to shit all over this match. You know people care about a World championship match when they're chanting for the guy who ISN'T in it. And clearly, you know people care about John Cena or Randy Orton when they're cheering the Wyatts for ending the match. And of course, you have your little announcers laughing it off and going ; "Ooh that WWE Universe! They just having fun!"

Ask Batista how much fun fans were having when he won the Rumble and the crowd pissed all over him because I know he didn't appreciate that kind of hostile reaction. Ask Rey Mysterio how much fun he had when he was the 30th man out in the Rumble and the crowd just pissed all over him simply because he wasn't Daniel Bryan - the guy people REALLY wanted to see win this thing and get his just due. Even so, this was an extremely lackluster Rumble with some questionable entries (the midget and JBL? Seriously?) The only guys worth damn in this match was CM Punk up until the Kane screwjob, at which the crowd lost their shit... and Roman Reigns, who got a nice reaction from the crowd when going toe-to-toe with Batista. Roman Reigns is the guy that had a nice showing here and hopefully, he'll get his chance to shine and they won't muck it up like they did so many other surefire opportunities.

Royal Rumble was a one-match show pretty much for me, and the only reason to watch this show beyond the opener was the crowd reaction. Because I knew the crowd would want to see the guy win it and when they realized he wasn't in it, they would shit all over this match and boy, I wasn't disappointed one bit in that regard. The only thing they needed to do was toss trash to the ring, but I suspect WWE crowds are much classier than the folks attending WCW events decades ago...

But yeah, that was a weird show that will likely get edited heavily for the DVD and BluRay releases. Beyond the Bryan-Wyatt match, there was nothing of value, nothing of merit, but the crowd was really what made this show and if a protesting crowd can make a shit show worth watching, then that has to count for something, right?

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