Thursday, December 19, 2013

Old DTM Webstation Splash Image From 2006

Been looking through some old Photoshop files and came across this little thing. This was the first thing you saw when you got into my old DTM Webstation webspace. A rather unremarkable design, but it kinda worked for the most part.

I remember a message that someone sent me wondering when the Webstation was coming back and I hadn't really thought about it. Probably because in my mind, the Webstation was a concept that died ages ago and was supplanted by the Twisted Realm blog, which is the closest thing to a functional no-frills website that I had in years. I would think that the registering of the domain name and linking it here would have killed that idea dead.

Part of me misses the thrill of creating a website from scratch, though. Building your own template to suit your particular design tastes, learning the process, getting an eye for web design... it's probably why I spent much of that website's life span coming up with new formats and site designs, because every subsequent design was much "intelligently" designed than the last. But is it something that I would actually consider revisiting for old time's sake?

Not really. I like the simplicity of the blog format, most of the painful stuff is taken care of, and all that needed to be done was just the tweaking of details. And really, nothing I can put together is going to compete with what's out there... but then, I'm not really trying to compete. I'm merely content in my own corner of the world... wide web.

Good times, though... Good bloody times...

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