Thursday, November 21, 2013

WinAmp Goes To Sleep After Fifteen Years... No More Llama Ass-Whipping

Sad to hear about WinAmp closing its doors. I'm proud to say that WinAmp was my MP3 player of choice for the entire time I've tinkered with computers, which is to say a long amount of time. Even when you have other media players such as iTunes, WinAmp was the one I always went back to; its simple yet unintrusive set-up and quick loadings were big selling points for me and the player itself was small and unassuming so that it didn't unnecessarily fill the screen with worthless crap unless you wanted that crap there.

I've downloaded the latest (and possibly final) version of Winamp as a keepsake, but also as an enduring relic of a program I've used for countless years and will continue to use for countless years.

Godspeed, Winamp. And continue to whip that llama's ass in the afterlife.

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