Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raw Ratings

So according to this Wrestlenewz post (which furthers a link to the Zap2It source page):

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s confrontation with Big Show failed to entice a good number of fans as viewership continuously dropped during the show.

Monday’s episode drew 3.887 million viewers, according to This is down from 4.152 million the week before.

Raw viewership peaked during the first hour, drawing 4.069 million viewers. The second hour drew 3.951 million viewers, before plunging to 3.643 million in the third and final hour featuring a confrontation between the power couple and “The World’s Largest Athlete.”

The final rating is expected to be released later today.

I guess nobody gives a rat's ass about Big Show vs. Orton for the title, huh? I honestly didn't watch either, so... yeah.

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