Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Friend Saw The Bores Movie

Some folks might have heard of Pursuit Of The Paranormal, the Chris Bores movie where he talks to the dead. I haven't seen it - no real intention in doing so - but my friend has. Sent me a quick e-mail sharing his thoughts. I replied back to him, asking if he would consider contributing to a guest review for the Review Archive. No answer yet, but I'm sure he won't resist.

By the way, here's the e-mail in question;

Saw the Bores "movie"... Sean got it for me as a birthday gift... oh joy, I love me some Bores.

For a 90-minute conversation with the dead, it sure comes up short... only a little over 50 minutes tops. Why call it a movie if it isn't long enough to be one? It'd be like sticking four wheels onto a box and calling it a car.

As far as the "movie" goes, it's just another ghost hunting thing where they look around the place, "talk" to a ghost using meters and stuff, and conclude that they're not sure if ghosts exist. Yeah, this was worth investing your life savings in putting together. Typical Bores quality stuff that isn't up to snuff.

I'd say wait until he uploads this to YouTube in a year or so. Don't waste your money...

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