Saturday, October 5, 2013

So What's The Deal With The Irate Gamer Game?

I've been trying to find information on that thing, but it's a bit difficult at the moment.

The Irate Gamer website or blog, as it is now, only had a couple previews and has seemingly forgotten about the game because nothing else was mentioned. No promo, no announcement that it's available, no BUY HERE link... nothing. It seems like the guy played the game and wasn't pleased with the game that bared his name or something... I don't know. Why wouldn't you push your product? Just to show that you give a shit about the product? Because it seems like this was just slapped together on a whim and released to the masses.

Looking at the screenshots, I'm not gonna lie; it looks like shit. It looks like somebody fired up a copy of Multimedia Fusion for the first time in their lives and put together a bunch of random crap and voila, new game. I don't know if that's the case because I'm not able to try it, but it seems like nobody is going to take the plunge either because I have not seen one writeup or proper review on the thing.

The only place that I've seen anything close to a full review is on that Irate Gamer Sucks blog, but I found anything out of that site to be a bit skewed and somewhat biased, given the title of the blog. And I know people are going to defend that site and say it's supposed to be objective look at... but the title says it all. It's anything but objective. And trying to post any semblance of positive or going against their favorites will result is some rather nasty responses... and I agree trying to find something positive about Bores' output is a bit difficult, to put it mildly.

But it is possible to enjoy what he does... I mean, I watch some of his stuff, I enjoy it for the most part... even if it's for reasons totally contrarian to his intentions. I don't think his stuff is good, I enjoy because sometimes it's fun to watch someone act like a complete fucking moron when playing these games and it's something I find he does rather well, whether it's intentional or not. So... bit of a backhanded compliment, I suppose...

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