Thursday, October 17, 2013

Old Wii Wii Go Bye Bye... And That's Too bad

So in case you haven't heard, Nintendo is planning on shutting down production of the original Wii soon, thus bringing the chapter of their all-time best selling console to a close.

No word as to whether this'll affect online services like Virtual Console or that sort of thing... not much of a surprise, really. The console is pretty much retired at this point and the Wii U can pretty much do what the Wii could and more, so really, you knew it was going to happen eventually, if it hadn't already.

The thing is... Nintendo sucks at this kind of thing. You have the best-selling console of the current generation and you toss it under the bus to focus on your new console that isn't up to par in terms of numbers or content or whatever. Why not support the thing for another year or so before axing it?

I'm not saying producing a shit ton of games, but a handful, you know? Go for compilations or something. That kind of stuff will always sell for good prices. The PS2 has a massive library of games and pretty much lasted more than a decade in service... best-selling console of all time. Indisputable. That's factual. PS2 is the best-selling console and it was supported for a good long time even got games years into the current generation.

It is the modern-day Atari 2600, just in terms of the longevity because the 2600 also had a long life span, from 1977 to 1989-1990 when the era of Nintendo and Sega was in full swing. And Nintendo has their best-selling console in the Wii... and they drop it. I understand that it's a underpowered machine; you'd rather go for the HD console, but your HD console not is doing the numbers you'd hoped for. I don't know... yeah...

Not quite sure where I was going with that, but in any case, there you go.

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