Sunday, September 22, 2013

That's More Like It, Mister Rolfe.

There's another AVGN episode, this time covering the old Tiger Electronics hand held things that were the portable gaming offering before the Game Boy became a thing. And here's a shocker for those who think I like to shit on everything that bares the Nerd name; I actually liked this one.

He stayed on topic for the majority of the video, the stupid derpy faces supposedly representing angry were barely there, I got a couple chuckles out of it, the bullshit was kept to a minimum (not counting the "bullshit man" a.k.a. Shithead Nerd), and he ran through the gamut of Tiger stuff, including the handhelds, the wristwatches, the Game.Com, and the R-Zone. It was an episode that hearkened back to the older (better) Nerd episodes such as the DoubleVision 2-part or the Atari Porn games.

Was it a bit nitpicky? Sure, it was, but this was an episode of AVGN that I, nonetheless, actually enjoyed and thought was rather well done for the most part. If he does more episodes of this level of quality in terms of content and less like those bordering on Irate Gamer-levels of horridness, then I might slowly get back into it...

Oh, who am I kidding, right?

On a sidenote, my pre-order for that AVGN game is still awaiting the game's release. Despite (or perhaps in spite of) the subject matter, I'm actually looking forward to the game. If nothing else, it looks to be the only real piece of Nerd stuff that's worth forking money over for.

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