Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Jedi Deserved To Die

Is it at all possible that we romantize the Jedi to the point where we think they could do no wrong, even though by the time we hit the trilogy that matters, they're all but dead?

There was a time before the prequels came along when we would fantasize about what the Old Republic was like. The Jedi Knights being the keepers of peace, the Clone War, the rise of the Emperor, the corruption and transformation of Annie to Darth Vader. That was stuff that I didn't think would even be touched upon nor did we really need it.

And then the prequels came along and while it was cool to see Jedi in their prime in action, after a while, the prequels expose a major flaw in the story; the Jedi were unlikable and deserved to die.

Think about it. The one kid who was supposed to be the chosen one and bring balance to the Force was refused training by the Jedi because he was too old. That was their reasoning. Now was that a cover for a different, more sinister reasoning? Perhaps, but fact of the matter is that he was begrudgingly made a Jedi in training under the tutelage of Obi-Wan.

Then the kid grows up and makes friends with the kind ol' Chancellor of the Republic... who just so happens to be the evil Sith Lord that is controlling everything. Surely the Jedi should be able to sense this dark power from this kind old man... but no, they just go along with his plans and know nothing.

And then the kid falls in love with the former queen and has to keep the relationship a secret because love is forbidden in the Jedi Order... and then the kid marries the now-senator, who then gets pregnant and the kid has visions of her death, but the Jedi masters can't help him or anything like that.

The Jedi are dicks and stuff... and they deserved to die.

Even the younglings... because they would've been dicks too.

I don't even know what this whole thing was... but I mean every word of it.

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