Sunday, June 16, 2013

You Know What Would've Been Nice?

If they had made the genuine effort and cash offers to try and bring back most of the original cast so they can do an episode of Megaforce and use them in a way that would be pretty cool and noteworthy. Probably not to the little kids who care only for the colorful costumes, but as a nice nod to the older folks who have stuck around since the beginning.

Gokaiger had this cool schtick where in almost every episode, they'd bring back an old Super Sentai legend from a past series and they do some cool shit or something. Honestly, that's something they could do with Megaforce. That Super Mega Battle thing at the end isn't going to mean much if they only have a few random faces and everyone else is in the background.

I don't know. Maybe I put more thought into this than Saban did.

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