Sunday, June 16, 2013

So I Finally Watched Some Samurai...

...and boy was it painful.

So this is an odd series for me? It's the first new Power Rangers season since RPM in 2009 and the first under the current Saban ownership. And yet it feels like a complete and utter regression of sorts. We're bringing back the Go Go Power Rangers theme with slightly altered lyrics to fit the theme (something they'd do for Megaforce as well, which means they're lacking in originality). And then we have these paper thin main characters that have very basic traits and not much else going for it.

I don't want to blame the actors because they're doing the best they can, but the show tends to be unbearable due to the clunky and horrific dialogue. Apparently, this is a near-straight adaptation of the Sentai show this was based on, which isn't a new approach for Power Rangers, since it's been done in past seasons. However, whereas seasons like Time Force attempted to put its own spin on things to make things interesting, Samurai doesn't really do that.

I've only saw a few episodes at most and promptly gave up. I thought the series had reach a low with SPD or Operation Overdrive... and well, I have a feeling we'll be going even lower...

But that's another story.

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