Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mega Mang

A friend of mine inquired about the whole Mega Man in the upcoming Smash Bros game and the only thing that crossed my mind is... "Okay, that's kinda cool. Is there any new Mega Man coming up? This is supposed to be the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man here."

I'm feeling a bit iffy about the whole deal here, actually. Other than a Mega Man fangame being endorsed, a few rereleases of the NES games here and there, and a Smash Bros. stint, what else is Capcom doing with the 25th anniversary of their Blue Bomber character that put them on the map? Where's the new Mega Man game? I don't care which version comes out. Just a new Mega Man game would be nice.

So far, this 25th Anniversary is something of a bust for me... oh well.

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