Friday, June 28, 2013

"Because The World Was Clamoring For An XPW Revival," He Lied.

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The newsbit of particular note and facepalm worthiness is as follows;

The infamous Rob Black will be bringing back his XPW promotion on October 31st in Los Angeles. The event will feature a 12-man tournament for the XPW Title with names being announced soon.

For those who don't know, here's a very brief and very truncated primer; X-treme Pro Wrestling was a wrestling promotion that was first started in 1999 by porn producer Rob Zicari a.k.a. Rob Black. Apparently, Black presented XPW the same way he allegedly presented his porn: it was garbage, bullshit wrestling with plenty of nonsensical violence and plenty of trash in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. You know how some people liked to refer to the old ECW as Extremely Crappy Wrestling? XPW lived up to its moniker as X-tremely Putrid Waste. The company "supposedly" got better in its later years when it moved to the East Coast and Shane Douglas was champion, but from I saw of one of the XPW compilation discs released in recent years when the footage was under the control of one of those DVD companies, I saw nothing of the sort to confirm that conception. It was still pretty crap.

Somewhere along the way, Black got busted for obscenity charges and XPW was subsequently shut down in 2003. Black served his time and is now back to restart the company and run regular shows and stuff...

So... yeah. XPW is coming back, huh? Um... yeah, color me uninterested. Oh, I'm sure there are some mutants that'll be happy to see this crap come back. But... bleh. No thanks.

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