Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RAW (May 6th, 2013) - Meh...

How do you sell a PPV that one has no interest in watching?

- Have John Cena come out and call Skip Sheffield a coward and a whiner. Then have Skip declare the match to be a Last Man Standing match. Yeah, Skippy didn't learn anything from Dave Batista's own Last Man Standing match. That SO gets me to watch this PPV... not.

- Have Brock Lesnar show up at WWE HQ and trash the office of some guy named Paul Levesque ('cuz it's a shoot and all that) only to have HHH shrug the whole thing off mere minutes later. I SO want to get this PPV... not.

- Lame-Us and Mark Henry do a promo for their match or something... Unfortunately, I'm not that interested in the match-up. Not because of Mizark, but because of Lame-Us.

Um... I got nothing else. Much to my surprise, they still haven't fucked up The Shield... so that's a good sign.

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