Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Thoughts On... Random Stuff

Couple topics that don't merit their own individual posts, so let's shoot them out in one post right now...

- Last night's RAW was... meh. Apparently, the newest Paul Heyman guy is Joe Hennig with a new name, Curtis Axel... Well, it's a step up from Michael McGillicutty, that much I'll say. And how nice was it of that HHH chap to put this guy over in his first night by making a complete ass out of him before stumbling to a really WTF ending. Who won the match? They never said a thing on that... Oh, and Ryback wants an Ambulance Match with Johnny C... god, this show hurts my head sometimes.

- Actually, I'm just glancing at WWE.com and it turns out Axel won by forfeit... that's what happens when you don't announce your wins. Lame.

- So Irate Gamer uploaded his latest video episode and it's on the NES Star Trek... meh. That was my only really reaction. This was just meh. Nothing about the video was particularly funny in either an intention or unintentional sense. I was just... meh. I've got nothing.

That's it. I'm done for now.


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