Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Movie Review - Iron Man 3

Recently went to see the new Iron Man flick last night... to keep a long story short, I liked the flick and thought it was pretty decent for a mindless summer flick. Brother, on the other hand, was disappointed in it. And giving it a bit of thought, I understood (and partly) agreed with some views. But for the most part, I enjoyed the flick and I thought that, as a movie that not only follows up on the previous Iron Man film, but also as an immediate follow-up to that Avengers flick, it was a rather sound and decent film that no longer has the baggage of its predecessors to build to some movie several years down the line. Is it as good as previous films? Not really due to a couple minor bits here and there that take the film down a notch in my mind, but I still thought it was decent fair.

Some random - and really SPOILER-Y - thoughts after the break...

- One of the things that disappointed brother was the portrayal of the Mandarin. Don't get me wrong; I thought Ben Kingsley played the part well... until we got to the part where he wasn't really the Mandarin, but a drunk actor playing a role. It felt like such a major cop-out that it's almost depressing to a point, because the Mandarin is supposed to be Iron Man's greatest adversary in the comics and in here, he's nothing more than a decoy to cover up for Killian and his Extremis project. I didn't really give it much thought while watching the movie, but afterwards... yeah, it feels a bit iffy. Some folks might see this as something clever, but it just feels like a cop-out.

- Pepper doesn't die when she probably should have towards the final stretch of the movie. She survives the fall. Brother thought that was also a cop-out of sorts. I honestly wasn't surprised she survived that fall. But anyway...

- Brother didn't like the kid in the movie, but I didn't mind the kid in the movie. Sure, it feels Disney-ish, but it makes some semblance of sense... in some way. I guess. I guess it helps that the kid isn't annoying, which is a common issue with kids in anything these days. Kids can destroy a movie, but this kid, Harley, does not. Not with his so-called Potato Gun (which is apparently a real invention. Never knew that.)

- Suits at the end... too many suits at the end... all radio controlled... all funny moments when they fall apart... and stuff...

And that's all that comes to mind. Again, liked the film. Thought it was entertaining and stuff.

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