Saturday, May 25, 2013


The dog is here to keep me company while I contemplate.

There comes a point where you can't go on with something because you lose interest in it. It tends to happen quite a bit, but the really sad thing is that when you lose interest in something and it gets abandoned, you tend to lose a bit of yourself in the process. This is more often than not the case.

Every once in a while, I have people asking me when the next part of Reading Sonichu is coming along and more often than not, I have no real answer for them. 

But as I'm assembling the pages and putting together the audio for this thing, I realized something; why am I wasting time with this stuff? That's when it occured to me that this isn't interesting anymore.

Here's the thing; the Sonichu comic/universe/fanfic/whatever is awful material. For some, it's that so bad it's good that makes it worth riffing. The first couple issues that I did were fun to do, but when it came to the next issue, not so much. And as I jumped further into the lore of series, it eventually got to the point where I felt genuinely uncomfortable reading this stuff, let alone producing anything to do with that whole endeavor.

Reading Sonichu was never going to be an ongoing thing. At most, I'd touch about three or four issues before calling it a day. With the two issues that I've done, I'm more than satisfied to call it a run.

Maybe somewhere down the line, I might upload the first few pages of issue 2 that I dubbed as an Archive package, but for now... I think it's time to kill off the Sonichu experiment as far as this blog is concerned.

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