Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Preview... If You Will...

(2019 Update: Originally took this down from the Tubes, but reuploaded onto Dailymotion.)

A sampler of some NES hack thing I'm putting together... available when it's ready.

In the past, there were three types of hints. Obscure clues, false clues, and gibberish.

Now, there's three types of people; folks who are willing to help, folks who will state obvious things you should know, and folks that hate your guts.

Welcome to Castlevania II: The Captain Obvious Edition, an NES hack that rewrites every single piece of dialogue in the game (and then some), designed to help you go in the right direction. Unfortunately, some innocent souls are a little annoyed by the constant bitching and complaining of various players that have transpired over the years, and will not hesitate in letting you know their true feelings. There's a couple other changes here and there as well...

All of this is coming sooner or later... it all depends and stuff...

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