Thursday, May 9, 2013

1400 Posts... Does It Really Matter?

(2019 Update: Before the infusion of new material, this was technically the 1400th blog post on this particular Blogger webspace. Funny to read this now that I've ditched the numbers, but for historical and archival purposes, I opted to leave this up because what a difference five years make.)

So this is it... my fourteen-hundredth blog posting... and quite frankly, I'm rather unsurprised by the whole deal.

There used to be a time when I would make a somewhat big deal out of the whole thing. When I hit another hundred on the blog count, I'd make some big celebratory post or a snarky "This is all I have to show for it" kind of deal. Certainly was a big deal on the old DTM Blog, where the blogging system that Tripod implements was (and still is) cumbersome to function properly. And it's still something worth admiring to a point.

But is it really big deal that I've hit another hundred posts since the last time I hit a hundred posts?

The answer, of course, is no.

There's been several instances over the course of the past year or two where I seriously considered retiring the blog numbering system. It seemed to serve no real viable function beyond offering a funny little statistic that a very few minute individuals would care about and, quite frankly, I seem to be making so many posts in a span of a month (let alone a year) that hitting another hundred posts doesn't seem all that special in the long run.

Although I've considered it, the numbering isn't going away for two reasons;

#1 - It's useful for searches, to a degree. The search engine that's currently implemented seems to be slowly (but surely) working the way it's supposed to, so you can look up certain topics and you'll get some results. BUT, if you want to check out specific posts, you can simply type in a number and that post will pop up. This doesn't work too well at times, but it does work, at least.

#2 - The numbering system seems to be something of a trademark on these blog projects that I pursue. The Review Archive lacks the numbering system only because it's not supposed to be a series or anything, but it always felt empty and naked without the numbers. It's part of the reason why I retroactively numbered some earlier postings in the original DTM Blog (and promptly stopped when it became too much of a hassle) and a couple earlier posts here.

So... yeah. 1400th post and this is all I had to show for it.


P.S. Added a Hang On (Master System) review over on YouTube as well as the Review Archive. Will post here when I feel like it.

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