Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Thought About... Under Siege

Last night, Space channel was showing an old Steven Seagal flick from the 90s called Under Siege. What a damn good movie that was and I might actually consider picking up a DVD or BluRay if I come across it for dirt cheap. Light on plot, but the action was top-notch for the time and it was a thrill watching it. No complaints in that regard; I was thouroughly entertained throughout the film.

Anyway, it just occurred to me some time later that the name of Seagal's character in that movie is Casey Ryback and that he's a cook. Interestingly enough, in WWE, there is a character called Ryback whose catchphrase involves feeding him more... stuff.

So work with me here. In the 90s, a character named Ryback is a cook. In the 2010s, a character named Ryback likes to eat... go figure.

I wonder if there's someone on the creative team who was a fan of Under Siege and... nah, that'd be giving those monkeys too much credit.

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