Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Show Sucks

A no-holds-barred match between Brock Lesnar and HHH, with McSon-In-Law's career on the line? That's the best you can come up with? Whatever, I honestly don't care about this match, either way. And yeah, a company executive beating up on a Jewish guy TOTALLY makes me want to root for the guy. Go fuck yourself, H.

One has to wonder how the build to CM Punk/Undertaker would have been if Paul Bearer hadn't died. One also has to wonder why I should feel slighted that Undertaker would be offended by Punk's so-called besmirching of Bearer's name. I don't recall 'Taker being the least bit pained when he buried Paul Bearer in see-ment back in 2004... in any case, I still don't care about this match one bit.

Am I the only one getting fed up with this fucking Fandungo crap already?

So how do you promote the most unneeded rematch in Wrestlemania history with the most predictable outcome in human history? By replaying the same overblown hype video you showed off last week. Seriously, it seems like they're just phoning this one because they know people will buy the show regardless of how this is being sold.

Mark Henry's stuck with Ryback... The poor guy deserves better considering the awesome run he had before getting sidelined.

How sad is it that Alberto Del Rio is so popular as a fan favorite that when he's in the ring, people are chanting USA? Even sadder is when Jack Swagger is doing dastardly deeds, the chants get slightly louder.

How much did TNA pay for those folks to throw in garbage at the ring during their Lockdown PPV? Because we need folks like those to trash this crap. I'm not even going to dignify this shit with the "Bella Twins" gag I usually pull out. THIS SHOW SUCKS, with no stories told and nothing playing out.

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