Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RAW (March 11th, 2013): This RAW sucks.

Quick notes:

This is the first time I'm watching RAW in HD and it looks about the same as an SD show. I honestly cannot tell the difference.

Figured they'd go with the whole Paul Bearersploitation thing this early on. But hey, I guess people have a reason to want Taker to kick CM Punk's ass... and at the very least, Kane was upset by this sudden slight against his daddy... As for the match... I was just watching the PVR'ed show and I found myself wanting to go to bed. And on top of that, none of this made me give two shits about this match.

Speaking of matches I don't give two shits about, Brock Lesnar agrees to give McSon-In-Law his win back. And he does this by beating up the Old Age Outlaws... wait a minute. I'm sorry, for a second there, I thought I was watching WCW.

And while we're at it, let's play a video package for a championship match I honestly don't give two shits about.

So... the Bella Twins are back. Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but hey, I guess I can bring back that old running gag I used to do. Let me dust it off a bit... "Why do the Bella Twins still have jobs?"

Too soon?

You know... a thought just occurred to me. Since they're calling Jack Swagger a "Real American" and all that, wouldn't it make sense for him to come out to "Real American?" I mean, sure, it'd be a dickish move of sorts, but... my train of thought was just lost as I realized how utterly horrible Dutch Mantell's beard look. I guess razors and trimmers aren't "Real American" enough.

Fandango... Touts... Shitty movie trailers... these are all things that should be destroyed forever.

Good lord, this show sucks.

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