Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random Thoughts On... The AVGN Movie Teaser Poster

So Cinemassacre posted the artwork for the teaser poster for the upcoming Angry Video Game Nerd movie that is coming this lifetime or something. I'm not going to re-post it here because it's a big image, but if you want to check it out...

It's a nice looking poster. Mostly monochrome, mostly dark, but I rather like it.

Unfortunately, the poster does a good job of misleading me into believing that this is going to be something of a dark horror comedy sort of film rather than the schlock that the teaser trailer has been showcasing. In fact, a dark horror comedy film starring the Nerd character has the potential to be the much more interesting film that could potentially give that franchise a worthwhile production. I know Rolfe could pull it off if he wanted to... but he won't.

And it's a shame, because in my mind, that's probably what he's best at.

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