Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A friend left this in my email... and then I post it here for fanboys to rage over

"I still scratch my head every time
some numbskull says something like
'[AVGN] hasn't been any good since 2007!'"
-Some moron on the Irate Gamer Sucks blog

Wonder how this same guy would feel
if someone were to tell him the sad truth that
AVGN was never good to begin with.

Here's the thing with AVGN;
the guy was funny when we first saw him,
but he was funny in the same way that
man getting hit in the nuts was funny.
I wasn't laughing with him because of his talent,
I was laughing at him because of his dumbassery.

James Rolfe is a talented guy, don't get me wrong.
But AVGN was far from his best work.
In fact, it's shit compared to the stuff
he used to do before this whole e-fame thing.

Chris Bores should have found a better thing
to rip off in my opinion.

By the way, Dave. I'm still waiting on that coffee
you owe me. What's the holdup?

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