Sunday, October 4, 2009

Montreal Motocross Thingy

Went to the Motocross show last night and had a generally good time... it was something that my mom wanted to go see as a family outing and for the most part, it was a genuinely fun show. I'll admit that I'm really not much of a motocross fan (I don't follow the sport, so I can't be a fan if I don't watch it), but all in all, it was a fun little event.

A couple weeks or so ago, my mother had asked if I wanted to attend the Motocross event that was being held at the Big O. She wanted this to be a family event since we didn't get to go on any trips this year... you know, what with my health issues and other bullshit. So I'd say, "Yeah, sure. Why not?"

Bought the tickets online - a process that she insisted on even though I would have rather bought the tickets in person - and to my great surprise, were mailed over within a couple days. I'll say this much - the admission office who handles this stuff does nice, prompt work.

So the show was last night and they had a few qualifying races, some titles were awarded, many bikes crashed on the various obstacles that weren't dirt mountains, and a couple injuries happened. All in all, thirty bucks well spent just to see the freestyle bikers in action. Even from a faraway seat, those stunts are pretty awesome to see live and in person.

Not necessarily going to follow the sport now, but I might be inclined to catch the show next year when it comes around.

Here's the show site. They don't have the results of last night's show as of this posting, but they might.

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